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Meet Judy, one of our Personal Trainers! Judy specializes in balance, strength, and maintaining independence for the older Adults. She is also a Barefoot Training Specialist.

Meet our Personal Trainer, Scott! If you need help with weight loss, strength training, nutritional guidance and improving aesthetic, then this is your guy. For more information on booking a session, please see the front desk for details.

His journey into becoming a personal trainer began with a desire to improve athletic performance on the baseball field and in the gym. Along the way he experienced multiple minor to major injuries, which led him down the path of corrective exercise. After finding his passion for fitness Jaxon decided that his knowledge could be […]

She cares deeply about her clients, and there’s nothing of more value than helping somebody go through an experience that makes them happy, confident and strong. She realizes how being overweight affects many aspects of your life and wants to be there to help clients discover the benefits and joys of training. Jennifer wants to […]

After 16 years of playing baseball my last 5 years has solely been devoted to trying to become one of the best at training the human body the way it is designed. Closing in on 10,000+ training sessions as a Coach my goal is always to make you feel better after a session is done then you felt when you walked in the door.

As a women, the gym has always intimidated me. I had no direction and no confidence going in there alone. That intimidation kept me out of the gym for years and never allowed me to get to my full potential. When I finally found my passion for lifting weights, I found a new confidence and […]